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Transitional Care

Daily Home Care Support, In Your Own Home

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  • Specific protocols to help you move from one health care setting to another
  • Ensures the coordination and continuity of care
  • Care team monitoring, moves from home to ALF, Rehab / Hospital to home
  • Smarter Home care, using the revolutionary “Hows Grandma” protocols and technology.

Transitional Care Options:

Transitional care is quite a broad term, but can be applied in many different situations.

  • Care team monitoring, with care manager , medical alert device & RN time starting at $99 per month

  • Home to ALF packages, (recommend 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after), $880 per week, can then be reduced as per clients needs

  • Return from Rehab / Hospital packages than include RN evaluation, home safety inspection and care giver time from $730 first week, $ 520 ongoing

  • All packages include a medical alert device

  • All packages give access to our Care Management team

  • We manage the care and can schedule a wide range of other non-medical services

  • All packages can be adjusted to client’s needs. Rates will reduce with longer term needs

Advanced Homecare

For clients who are in more need of assistance with general things around the home and a little assistance and prompting.

  • Prompting with medication

  • Assisting you in the bathroom

  • Assistance with getting dressed/undressed

  • Assisting you in and out of bed

If you’re interested in financial support options for care, contact us to discuss.

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