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Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia, is still today an incurable degenerative disease. Neurons in certain parts of the brain are destroyed which leads to deficits in cognitive functions, such as memory, language skills and behavior. Caring for people with Alzheimer’s is a service we offer.

Early Alzheimer’s Symptoms can include

  • Memory loss and difficulty remembering recent actions, conversions and events.
  • Repeating questions after just a short period of time
  • Misplacing items, or leaving them in strange places
  • Feelings of disorientation or getting lost
  • Depression, irritability and/or apathy


Cost of Alzheimers Care in care facilities varies considerably, depending on what type of facility it is and the level of care required.

The cost would be different for Assisted Living (ALFs), Residential Care and Nursing Homes. Also, different companies having varying costs and fees.

Residents of nursing homes generally have high care needs and complex medical conditions that require routine skilled nursing services. Due to the constant care needs of its residents, nursing homes are required by federal law to have a licensed nurse on duty 24 hours a day.

The average cost of care for nursing home care ranges between $6000 and $10,000 per month. Cost is determined by the level of care needed, the setting where the care is provided, and the geographic location.

Understanding Alzheimers:

  • We assist the family to enable a person with developmental disabilities to stay at home
  • We providing appropriate care and supervision for the client in absence of a family member
  • We provide relief for the family from the demanding responsibility of providing care
  • We attend to basic self-help needs and activities that would normally be carried out by a family member

Alzheimers & Live In Home Care

Alzheimers Care can be provided at home – by a Live In Care Agency.  What we offer are experienced and qualified carers flexible to your needs and situation. The Carers are trained specifically to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s and can provide support that manages the condition, whether you need information about early-stage, middle-stage or late-stage Alzheimers.

  • Schedule Things wisely. Establishing a routine to make each day less confusing. Often it’s better to schedule tasks, such as bathing or medical appointments.

  • Taking your time. Allow the person to have frequent breaks and allow more time for tasks so that you don’t hurry them.

  • Involve the person: Allow them to do as much as possible with the least amount of assistance, like set the table with visual cues or dress independently with laid-out clothes in the order they go on.

  • Provide Choices: Giving people with Alzheimer’s disease a few choices every day. For example, asking to choose from 2 outfits, if they prefer a hot or cold beverage, or asking to choose between going to see a movie or go for a walk.

  • Provide simple instructions: People with Alzheimer’s understand simple, clear communication 1 step at a time.

  • Reduce Distractions:  Minimize distractions at mealtimes and during conversations to help the person with Alzheimer’s focus easier.

If you’re interested in financial support options for care, contact us to discuss.

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