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Elderly Care

Caring for Seniors In The Own Home

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Home Care For Elderly In Their Own Homes

We offer many levels of care for our clients, those of whom need minimum support and more on the level of companionship and general household duties. Age catches up with all of us and sometimes simply having someone there to help with the little things, is enough.

  • Companionship

  • Light housework (vacuuming, dusting and tidying)

  • Washing & ironing

  • Helping with meals

  • Shopping and Cooking

  • Going out with you if required (visiting friends, appointment & trips)

  • Looking after your pets (meals & walking)

  • Collecting your prescriptions

  • Support following discharge from hospital

  • Accompany to social outings

Help With Elderly Care

Elderly care doesn’t always imply that we work only with illness

On the contrary, many of our clients simply just need help around the house, yet they are mentally fine and/or have no debilitating illnesses or ailments. Our carers are able to care for people who need help with their illness and equally capable of just being of assistance.

Cost of In Home Care For Elderly

Elderly Care can be provided at from the comfort of their own homes.  Have are experienced and qualified carers flexible to any needs and situation. Elderly Care costs vary depending on the living situation.  Even though we are a leading live in care provider in Florida, we can provide care and cost options about the following:

  • Live In Home Care

  • Nursing Homes

  • Residential Homes

  • Assisted Living Facilities

Live In Carer for Elderly Care: In Home Assistance

More often, in these cares, the client often just needs help around the house. There are many who are still mentally sharp and in good health, perhaps just a little weak or fragile. Our carers are able to care for people who need help in these situations.

  • Assitance with tasks around the house that require a degree of physical strength

  • Assistance with medicine opening, administration and prompting in taking medicine

  • Assistance with the upkeeping of daily tasks, both personal and in home.

If you’re interested in financial support options for care, contact us to discuss.

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