Golden Rules for Care that shines TM

As a Professional Care-giver in Plan Life Care, for Care that Shines TM

Plan Life Care care-givers are paid above average with specific incentives to ensure the highest level of care. Plan Life Care believes everyone deserves the best level of care with well incentivized care-givers. They will start service with a RN produced / reviewed care plan in place. The activities in the care plan are directly traceable to the activities in the care log, so everyone knows what to do. Plan Life Care care-givers will be briefed on the client and scheduled via the best in class time scheduling software, that includes shift reminders, service address, notes and GPS location recording. The care-givers clock in/out, can make notes, and are tracked while on duty using an app that connects to the scheduling software. There is no doubt Plan Life Care care-givers know; where, when and what they should be doing.

Only the top 5% of all care givers are chosen for Plan Life Care. They are licensed, bonded, insured and have passed the Federal Level 2 background check (a very high bar). The care-givers are registered with the state. They know their duties and will always go that extra mile for the client.

Plan Life Care operates on a team basis. Care-givers are never treated like a commodity, their front position is challenging and is deeply valued. They are expected to provide feedback and actively contribute to the constant improvement of the client and company.

Plan Life Care also invests in their team members, by paying for on-going training and certification.

Plan Life Care’s SHINE methodology

Only Plan Life Care offers care that SHINES TM, this is a central methodology.

Sincere Honest Innovation New Exceptional
Skilled Humility Improvement Nurture (clients, teammates and partners) Experienced
Systems Help Integrity Noble Expect more

Always be aware of the family caring dynamics

Often care-givers will be providing care, in a house hold where a family member is still a care-giver as well. Often the family member care-giver has reach a point where they could not cope with 100% of the care needs. Being a care-giver is stressful, doubly so where the care-giver is a loved of the one receiving care. They mourn the loss of every ability for the care client, they have witnessed the decline. However, they are 100% committed to providing the care.  They are often reluctant to give up their role, even to the point where it effects their health. There is a sense of loss of their role, if they receive additional help, even feelings of guilt. Professional care-givers are always aware of these dynamics.

Professional care-givers will always remember the following:

  • Professional care-giver’s role is to augment the care of the loved one.
  • It important to reinforce that the family member care giver has earnt the right to help with the care.
  • Professional care is not replacing their care.
  • The care given helps the client and helps the family care-giver by helping the client, this not something the family care-giver should feel any guilt about.

Standard daily tasks

Never forget your daily tasks, as documented in the Care Plan:

  • Caring Companionship.
  • Meal Preparation.
  • Medication Reminders.
  • Running Errands.
  • Mediating Depression.
  • Bathing, Dressing, toileting Stand by.
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care.
  • Light Housekeeping, Laundry & Linen.
  • Pet Care.
  • Record the care-giving activities in the care log.
  • Record and report any sudden changes in behavior or health.
  • Record and report any indications of abuse or fraud.
  • Record and report any concerns over the safety to the client or the care-givers.
  • Adhere to the extensive policies and procedures maintained by Plan Life Care.

Remember the ABCs, Always Be Caring

Throughout the day, there may be times when the client doesn’t require direct attention, they are tired, watching TV, relaxing and snoozing, etc. This is not the care-giver’s time to watch TV (unless specifically requested by the client), catch up on facebook or play a game on your phone.

This is the time to add value to the caring experience, look for extra tasks:

  • Organizing cupboards / wardrobes etc.
  • Those occasional cleaning items, dusting tops of cabinets, under sofas etc.
  • Look for tasks that the family care-giver would have difficulty with, high shelves, under furniture.
  • Prepare food for the client for later.
  • Offer to help with shopping, stopping on your way to the shift.
  • Always ask how else can they can Always Be Caring?