Client Feedback formal 3rd Party interviews 7 Feb 2018

HCP_interviews client feb 18


Interview Rating Summary
Outcome Average Score Caregiver’s Average Score Office Staff Average Score
9 9 9.5

Why did you select [Plan Life Care, LLC] over others?

I selected them because I had to find a replacement.


How likely are you to recommend [Plan Life Care, LLC] to others?

I like that they follow up if there is a problem with the aide, which is why I would recommend them.

How would you rate the impact of the services on your daily life?

I know that we have someone there when they are scheduled to be there. I can count on them.

Caregiver Satisfaction
How would you rate your caregivers’ work ethic?

Some have been better than others, but they arrive on time, and I don’t have to track their hours. The owner tracks the hours. If there is a delay they let us know.

How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?

They encourage her to take baths and assist her to the shower.

How would you rate the compassion of your caregivers?

They show they care because my mother seems to be happier. I don’t live in the same state, so I don’t know exactly.

Office Staff Satisfaction
How satisfied are you with the communication and overall helpfulness of the office staff?

The office staff is very good about letting you know when things change and they keep you advised of things.

How well are the caregivers matched with your needs and preferences?

Everything has been good with meeting her needs as far as bathing and taking care of her.

What is one thing [Plan Life Care, LLC] could do to improve your satisfaction with their services?

We are fairly new to them, but I was impressed with everything. I know they can’t do medicine, but it would be better if they could dispense medication.