Client Feedback formal 3rd Party interviews 6

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What was the reason for discontinuing services with [Plan Life Care, LLC]?
I discontinued services because Merry got well. She broke her ankle and needed help.
How likely are you to recommend [Plan Life Care, LLC] to others?
I would tell someone that the people from Plan Life Care were good people and we were satisfied.
How would you rate the impact of the services on your daily life?
The caregiver was really good and did everything we needed. She made my loved one’s life easier by doing the things she couldn’t do.
Caregiver Satisfaction
How would you rate your caregivers’ work ethic?
Angelica’s showed good work ethic by being on time and being attentive and she stayed busy.
How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?
How would you rate the compassion of your caregivers?
Angelica showed compassion by being very nice. She was very concerned and attentive to our needs.
Office Staff Satisfaction
How satisfied were you with the communication and overall helpfulness of the office staff?
We did not have a whole lot of communication because it was not necessary. Angelica would communicate with the office staff for us.

How well were the caregivers matched with your needs and preferences?
Angelica was very personable and upbeat. She was a real joy to have around.
What is one thing [Plan Life Care, LLC] could have done to improve your satisfaction with their services?
I cannot think of anything for Plan Life Care to improve. I really haven’t thought about it.