Client Feedback formal 3rd Party interviews 1


Why did you select [Plan Life Care, LLC] over others?
It was my lawyer who advised me to contact Anthony, the owner.
How likely are you to recommend [Plan Life Care, LLC] to others?
My mother likes the young lady who comes to take care of her. They are very much on time, and we have found them to be very reliable. I have not once been disappointed by them.
How would you rate the impact of the services on your daily life?
They are able to take my mother to the store, to doctor’s appointments, or to anywhere that she wants to go.
Caregiver Satisfaction
How would you rate your caregivers’ work ethic?
Rebecca is excellent, and she knows what she is doing.
How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?
She is mostly company for my mother at this point.
How would you rate the compassion of your caregivers?
She seems to be very patient, and she does anything that my mother wants her to do. She is very responsive to my mother.
Office Staff Satisfaction
How satisfied are you with the communication and overall helpfulness of the office staff?
I have only dealt with the owner, Anthony, and if I have any questions, I call him. He calls me when he has questions, and we can work them out.
How well are the caregivers matched with your needs and preferences?
Rebecca is very responsive, and she is just a really nice young person and cares about people, and it shows.
What is one thing [Plan Life Care, LLC] could do to improve your satisfaction with their services?
I have no suggestions at this time.