Caregiver Feedback formal 3rd Party interviews 9 Feb 2018

HCP_interviews CG2 feb 18


NAME: Anonymous
Interview Type: Caregiver Satisfaction
Avg. Rating: 10.00/10.00

Interview Rating Summary
Outcome Average Score Job Satisfaction Average Score Office Staff Average Score
10 10 10

Why did you choose to work for [Plan Life Care, LLC] over other options?

I needed a job.

Employment Experience
How likely are you to recommend working for [Plan Life Care, LLC] to an interested friend?

They are professional in every way. Overall, they are a good company.

Job Satisfaction
How would you rate the training you’ve received from [Plan Life Care, LLC]?

I already knew how to do the work, but the training was a good skill refresher.

How clearly has [Plan Life Care, LLC] shared the importance of your role and set proper job expectations?

They call me in and they go over the care plan for the client.

How would you rate your comfort level in voicing your ideas and opinions?

They listen and if I have a concern, they get on it.

How would you rate your employer’s recognition of your accomplishments?

They tell me I did a good job when a client calls in.

Office Staff Satisfaction
How would you rate the office support staff and the communication you receive from them?

They are very good at communicating if a client has to cancel. They immediately call me.

How would you rate your employer’s ability to properly match you with a client?

They look at things that I have in common, like age, my skills, and if I prefer them.
What’s one thing [Plan Life Care, LLC] could do to improve your job satisfaction?

I don’t have anything else to say.